Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Plunge Original painting of a Horse swimming in water and waves By Cinnamon Cooney

Plunge is an original painting by Cinnamon Cooney 24x36. available $864.00
This dramatic painting of a Horse Swimming in deep green water evokes complicated feelings. This is acrylic on canvas and is the first of the 2015 swimming horses.  I hope to show the viewer something new they have not seen or felt before. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Fluid" Bucephalus is called. Horse swimming in blue water

"Fluid" The Bucephalus mythos. The Swimming Horse is explored by Cinnamon Cooney. The horse as hero continues as he is called to adventure. Leaving behind the earth beneath his feet and plunging into the depths of the unknown. He becomes different and evident as great by this act of bold confrontation.
I am walking hand in hand. Pushing my ideas of painting methods and seeking out new process. I am working confidently trusting my judgement and enjoying the results. I am blessed beyond all reason in my calling. To paint and tell visual stories. World building and content creation. Each piece stands alone but fills in the puzzle for the rest. Painting these underwater horses is transformative!
20x16  Beveled edge canvas No framing $320

Friday, August 8, 2014

"Choir" 24X30 acrylic on Canvas Horses running in the waves. Wild ponies of the outer banks

"Choir" 24X30 acrylic on Canvas. Horses swimming and running in crashing waves. My newest work in The  Bucephalus series. In the history of exploration and expansion you can see a hoof print. 400 years ago the plans of mice and Spain left behind on remote desolate costal shores a legacy.  The Corolla wild horses on the outer banks. They have survived storms, drought, and the encroachment of modern life. The bloodline of their ancestors still show from their forelocks to flanks. These transplants border on being magical even mythical. Perfect muses for the stages of the Heroic Journey. This is the stage known as crossing the threshold which these amazing beings surely have done.At the end of Act One, the hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values. I hope I have given you a moment to think of the courage and tenacity of these brave survivors. You can learn more about what inspired me so deeply at The Corolla Wild Horse Fund.  Available $720

Friday, July 25, 2014

" Decent " Horse falling into waves by Cinnamon Cooney

" Decent " The final state in the Bucephalus series. The unnerving image of a horse falling into waves. At the end of the heroic journey or quest our hero faces the final test giving all and becoming purified. The central figure surrenders and the polarities are resolved. Even though my subject's  greatest fear is faced it is through the fall that rebirth is possible. In the way our falls and tribulations when survived lift us back up to a greater calling. One of the elements I looked for in this piece was how to convey this dichotomy but show the viewer the hope of uncertain future redemption.  It is from the ocean that life and hope will spring.The water that flows here has been here as witness to the legends of earth.  I have left the viewer the freedom to resolve the events.  While the painting remains in a state of unknown conclusion. That way the place the onlooker is currently living creates a new experience of the painting.               Sold

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey whats with all the Horses? A tesimony for Bucephalus

Hey whats with all the Horses? Here is the deal and why you will be seeing an equine subject matter. BUCEPHALUS! Growing up a pigtail flying, oat eating, galloping girl I lived horses. The legend of all legends was of course the great and first heroic horse Bucephalus. As amazing as his rider Alexander the great and the beginning of both their legends are entwined in each other. He is as legendary as Excaliber is to Aurther. Horse as legend and hero has been a long subject in human history. They are our more noble nature. A horse will race so determined to win that its heart will explode in its chest. They fight our wars with us and die along side us. 8 million died in WWI alone. 3000 died in Gettysburg.
There have been legendary horses throughout the west. The hero's of our past had amazing steads as brave and sternly made. The Race track is full of legends. The sport of kings is actually ruled by horses bigger than the sport itself. Horses care about the game. Watch the line up out the gate and see them stare each other down. I plan to take the next year and do several pieces about this. I am thinking to do at least 10 very large scale and powerful works. I will also continue to enter shows locally and nationally. I will be keeping you up on this subject. All the work will be for sale. Also I will be filming and posting speed paints of my larger works. It is going to be an exciting time. The year of the Horse!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Schrodingers Breasts and deep fried Art Twinkies Horse swimming and running in the crashing waves by Cinnamon Cooney

 A beautiful crashing wave crest above a horse dancing in the water."Surge" 60X60 acrylic. This is painting number 60 too. Painting #60 so at least I can say its been a productive few months. I am knee deep in due paying. Knee deep, possibly hip deep. Do I want to pull the rip cord and start churning out rainbow colored paths with umbrella covered lovers kissing???? they will sell yesss... should I ......maybe?!! NOT. Mostly because I am stubborn as hell. Also because I am honest in my life and my art. So have I taken the two MOST passe' subjects in art and dug in my heals???? Yea I might have done. I mean its horses and oceans. Art wise its is like frying a Twinkie. However if you look, its more its a lot more. Will I cave and start toning down the colors and deliver something more packaged for the audience. Hahaha HELL NO. I am going to paint more. I do this because there is something meaningful and transcendent for me here.
This piece with a subject full of conflict still remains peaceful and even restful. In real life the only way you might see a horse in waves this big is if he fell of the boat and swam in. Even then he is a wet angry super pissed off horse . Horse people feel free to laugh now.
This is about the balancing act of life. How riding the tidal surges, the forces out of my control, is the beauty in the experience. I just recently found a lump in my breast and wow what a implosion that was. I had to exist in this place of being and not being. Cancer limbo waiting for tests So I could go about being normal again or get about the business of being sick. Until my tests I was neither well or sick. My breasts were in Schrodingers box now. I feel real happiness is being safe and sheltered. Having the ones you love safe and sheltered the rest is just decor. Now my real fundamental happiness got threatened. 
The idea for this next series of paintings and in particular this one came out of that moment. Finding the lump to discovering the nature of the lump was all put into this piece. I believe that happiness is a practice and a choice. Through this that belief was sorely tested. I am happy to say I am cancer free. The lump was just a lump.  I am back to blissful ignorance about my own mortality. Out of that came "Surge" which sums it all up for me. It informs my direction artistically. Life is beautiful. It is a privilege to be here. To tell my little stories in paint and to share them here. So I pay me dues and carry on because I am blessed to do so. Love you.